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Wireless access to communications and information is no longer a luxury reserved for top executives
- it is a business necessity for mobile workers and corridor warriors throughout your organization.
Mobilizing the workplace with the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution™ helps boost business performance by increasing overall productivity and allowing workers to make timely decisions based on the most accurate information available.
The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is the unbeatable choice for people who need to stay connected to high-value information and communications while on the move.
The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is a single platform, offering everything your organization needs to mobilize enterprise applications and systems.
The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is the leading wireless solution for connecting mobile users to the customers, colleagues and information that drive business. Find out why you should choose it to mobilize your email, enterprise applications and back-end systems:
  • Choice - Supports leading enterprise email platforms, back-end systems and applications from a wide range of vendors. Select the wireless devices that best suit your needs from award-winning BlackBerry devices to a wide variety of BlackBerry Connect™ and BlackBerry Built-In™ devices**.

  • Maximum flexibility - Manage multiple wireless network technologies, devices, messaging servers and enterprise systems with a single BlackBerry Enterprise Server™.
The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution was created with corporate data security in mind.
  • End-to-end AES or Triple DES *** encryption - Helps ensure the confidentiality and integrity of wirelessly transmitted information from behind the firewall to wireless devices in the field.<

  • Over the air wireless IT policy enforcement and commands - Define and wirelessly enforce security settings on devices, as well as impose device lock-down or wipe data from lost or stolen devices.

  • Optional S/MIME† and PGP support - Wirelessly sign and encrypt messages between senders and recipients, providing writer to reader security functionality. Learn more about PGP support.

  • Available BlackBerry Smart Card Reader™- Create a secure, two factor authenticated environment for granting access to BlackBerry and PKI applications. Learn more about the BlackBerry Smart Card Reader.

  • FIPS 140-2 validated encryption technology - The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution meets strict U.S. government and military encryption standards.

  • Learn more about security with the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution.
The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution allows organizations to keep their employees connected to the information and people that matter, while still benefiting from a low overall Total Cost of Operation (TCO).
  • Lower device costs - BlackBerry devices can be purchased at competitive or lower costs and with competitive service plan rates when compared with other device offerings.

  • 30+% less expensive server software - BlackBerry Enterprise Server is more cost effective than mobile server software offerings across a variety of deployment sizes.††

  • Uses less bandwidth - Efficient use of bandwidth and airtime on wireless networks translates into lower costs for organizations.

  • Leverages existing investments - Standards-based protocols and development tools help ensure that practically any enterprise application, infrastructure or system can be wirelessly enabled without being rebuilt or replaced.
With the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, organizations can benefit from deployment and management features that simplify its administration.
  • Role and group-based administration capabilities - Help reduce security and operational risks and administrative overhead by delegating permissions by role and creating administrative user groups.

  • Over the air wireless IT policy enforcement - Provides fast, cost-effective method for supporting users and managing corporate policies remotely so users don't have to go without their devices and IT does not have to have devices in hand to make changes.

  • Track key device statistics - Easily monitor third party applications loaded, IT policies applied, device models, PIN numbers, software versions and serial numbers.

  • Remote BlackBerry Enterprise Server and network management - Manage the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution and network infrastructure from wireless devices with available third-party applications.
Take advantage of several support programs and services designed to help organizations get the most from their BlackBerry deployments, including TSupport (Technical Support Services), BlackBerry Developer Program, RIM Professional Services and others.
The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is the unbeatable choice for people who need to stay connected to high-value information and communications while on the move.
  • Millions of users - Trust the leading wireless platform for the enterprise used by over 4 million subscribers worldwide.

  • Global availability - Access communications and information virtually anywhere with availability and support on over 150 networks in more than 60 countries.
Learn about the different components of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution and its architecture:
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Architecture
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server
    • For IBM® Lotus® Domino®
    • For Microsoft® Exchange
    • For Novell® GroupWise®
    • For MDS Applications
  • BlackBerry Mobile Data System™
  • BlackBerry Devices
  • BlackBerry Enabled Devices
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