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Yachts and ships have requested the Internet onboard for years now. Inmarsat was the provider for years and the top speed was 64Kbs. The charges for this slow speed was higher then their satellites. Now there is an affordable option for yachts, ships and remote sites. PC USA has a great alternative to Inmarsat. Our service covers the USA, Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea. Now you can have high speed internet onboard with Voice over IP [VoIP] while you're cruising the world.
Satellite Communications
Voice, fax, weather, high speed data, video, Internet... our systems provide the most reliable satellite communications. From C-Band to Ku-Band, you'll see the difference in more stable signal levels, fewer acquisition losses, lower bit-error rates, even in storm conditions.
Internet at Sea
For our clients, keeping in touch is important. Our expertise with the most current and robust mobile satellite equipment allows us to tailor a solution and help them communicate wherever their business takes them.
We specialize in customized solutions. We offer consultation; support and installation, including smooth integration of your land-based networks with global satellite systems Contact us today and find out how Network Innovations can help you.
Internet at Sea > Our Solutions
Network Innovations' provides solutions for nautical communications and safety needs at sea. Our GPS, GMDSS, fleet tracking, vessel monitoring, messaging and communications technologies keep you and your fleet in touch and in business.
Network Innovations' solutions for nautical communications and safety needs include: Our products are the next generation of maritime satellite communication terminals and will give you 24x7 online access to any vessel anywhere in the world.
• Capsat GMDSS
Fully compliant with the Inmarsat CN 114 specifications and the latest IMO standards. This extremely compact and power-conserving solution is easy to install even when space is at a premium. The Thrane Dual Mode System combines GMDSS A3 area satellite compliance with the extra benefits of voice, fax and data communication facilities.

• Ship Security Alert System
Fully compliant with SOLAS specifications. Protection from piracy and terrorism.

• Inmarsat C/CPS Fishery Caosat
The Fishery Capsat® allows you to integrate GPS tracking, position reporting, data monitoring, catch reporting, fleet-coordination, messaging, and 2-way data/fax communications.

• Maritime Telephone
Solutions to meet all your global marine telephone and communications needs, extending coverage to almost all coastal waters, as well as high sea on the northern hemisphere.

• Broadband at Sea
(VSAT) - High bandwidth broadband Internet connectivity for seafaring vessels.

• Vessel Monitoring & Management
(Fleet Tracking) - Manage the maintenance of your vessels, automatically track locations.
Internet at Sea > Services
Network Innovations offers various satellite communication services to complement your business and solve your communications problems. Under the most grueling circumstances, and the toughest timelines, we deliver. We go the extra mile, for each and every customer, each and every time. Some of the benefits of our services are :
24/7 monitoring and technical support: Just because you are in the heart of the middle of nowhere, you are never going to be alone. Give us a call and we will have a real person, with real solutions, there to help you.
Customization: Specific projects will always have specific mixtures of technologies and ideas before you can find ideal solutions. We want to work together to find the perfect solution for your job or project.

A Reliable and Trusted partner: We have a proven history of delivering rock solid customer support and customized satellite communication services & solutions to some of the largest businesses and organizations in the world. We cover all corners of the globe, and will always be there for your needs, because, in fact, we are already there.

Solid Design Engineering: We have the in house technical ability to engineer everything you will need for your voice and data communication requirements. Let us customize a solution for you. Our people know how to get the job done right.

Flexible Rentals: We help to ensure that you can keep in touch when you're traveling, through a suite of satellite voice and data rental solutions.
Satellite Phone & Data System Repairs: Our Certified Service Center can help you manage your fleet of satellite phones and data systems with quality repairs.
Call us today, and arrange a meeting with our communication professionals to talk about your requirements.
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