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The PC USA GuardCard is a powerful revolutionary instant recovery system technology for your PC. It provides you with the ultimate protection for any form of corruption or unwanted modification, accidental or intentional damage to your hard drive, hacking, viruses, tampering, and most other kinds of accidents including formatting.

It installs in under a minute, protects any size disk, takes no disk space, supports up to 8 partitions, holds no data on card and best of all it performs everything in "real-time" just by restarting your computer.

Developed by a top senior level security and computer engineering team specializing in recovery solutions, the PC USA GuardCard provides unparalleled system recovery protection never available before.

PC USA GuardCard could save your system from viruses, easy to setup, fast system restores, secure and allows fast network copy of profiles. It too good to be true.

The card is tested and certified to run on all versions of Windows up. No need to screw and secure the device. It just a simple plug and play the case type of scenario.

The card works by taking your data and stores it in binary code into your hard drive.

The PC USA GuardCard is something that takes a snapshot of your system. Means, you can always go back whether you were hacked, got a virus or even reformatted the hard drive.

It's a hardware solution. That initially developed for the Israeli IDF. The card acts as a key to give the hard drive permission to find where snapshot is stored it has no memory on it so even if it breaks it can be replaced.

PC USA GuardCard provides several levels of protection to an organization's infrastructure and easily integrates into your existing environment.

The unique innovation of this technology resides partially in an original algorithm that converts system data into a binary code and combined with an exclusive dynamic buffer system places the information in the optimum location.

The PC USA GuardCard's objective is to eliminate computer downtime! Therefore it was designed with one main principle, to instantly restore a computer's operation virtually no matter what the cause is!

The PC USA GuardCard can withstand the most threatening form of viral strikes, unauthorized user attacks, or any other siege that presents a threat to computers, and the network operations.

With this powerful card protection in place you resume business in seconds, not days. Technical issues are resolved on the first call, onsite and without the typical high cost accompanied.

The PC USA GuardCard is a must in every organization and will give you amazing (immediate) return on your investment through dramatic reduction in TCO.

1. PC Lab Solution

Working as a teacher or a lab assistant, it can be a nightmare when dealing with a large number of students with different IT skill levels. Problems like damaged or deleted files, virus infections, wrongly configured settings and hard disk formats will interrupt and delay lessons. Malicious attacks to the PCs create costly downtime and havoc to any organization. With the PC Guarder, you minimize the damage such attacks can create.

PC USA GuardCard provides these administrators with an excellent protection for the PCs. No matter what messes the Labs are after lesson, they just do not need to do anything. When the students reboot the PC in next lesson, the PCs will be all in good condition just like the administrators set them originally.

2. Cyber Café Solution

If you are Cyber Cafe administrator or owner, with PC USA GuardCard installed, you can easily install new games, software's, and ever the operation system in a short time just by applying Net Copy function integrated with PC Guarder. There is no need to install the system or software one by one, just set one machine as sender, and the rest of PCs as receiver, EZ Copy will help you duplicate the system to as many as 99 PCs at the same time. Even more, you can schedule the updating tasks to run in off-duty time.

PC USA GuardCard can also protect your PCs from various kind of damage from user or from Internet. From now on, you can spend less time and save more money to maintain your Cyber Café.

3. Library Solution
With the increasing popularity of the Internet, libraries are making PCs available to the public to do their research. Due to the large volume and uncontrolled site browsing, these machines are often corrupted or infected with viruses. The down time created by this problem is very costly and time consuming.

With the strong protection of Guarder card, the PCs in library will have in frangible bodies. Any modifications or damages will wiped off with an easy reboot.
4. Enterprises Solution
Nowadays most enterprise business systems (ERP, CRM...etc) were developed with multi-tiered architectures like those that Client-Server or Client-AppServer-Database, which store application data to servers and the client-side program performs mainly as user interface. IT Managers are always looking for ways to reduce downtime, maintenance and support cost of their computer inventory.

Guarder Card is the perfect solution for these enterprise business systems. Set up the client-side program once, the system will always run smoothly. When any errors happen, the users can recover the system with a single reboot by themselves. That will keep the administrators away from endless supports count for nothing.
5. Home Users Solution
Are you experience of losing important files by unintentional remove? Once your computer hangs or losing data, you might ask computer technician to deal with it. However, it always cost you much money and it may happen repeatedly afterward. Now, Guarder Card provides you an easier way to protect your PC.

If you are not a master-hand, or you're afraid of your children messing up the system unexpectedly, or you are interested in trying various kind of software without trouble when you would like to remove it..., with Guarder Card installed, you won't have to worry about it anymore, the only thing you have to do is reboot your PC, and then all the system setting will return to normal.
6. Assembler Solution
Statistic by PC venders/assemblers shows that 60% of the service calls are for software rather than hardware problems. Not only can this be costly and aggravating, but it also takes up a lot of valuable time.

With Guarder Card bundled, the PCs you sell will be crash proof. Your customer can reborn their PCs by themselves rather than call for help repeatedly. The number of service calls and technical support requests will greatly reduced and will your service budget cost down. In addition, the PCs you sell will be unique with the extra protection of Guarder Card.
7. System Integrator Solution
For system integrators like ERP/CRM /MIS/HIS suppliers, the application may deployed to the whole enterprise of your customer, and they can no longer afford down time in their "mission critical

The PC USA GuardCard is protecting several thousands of PC's worldwide and growing. Some of our clients are:

Support / Security Intensive environments:
» Small & Medium Enterprises
» Large corporations
» Government agencies
» Large Institutions
» Banks
» Militaries
» Security services
» Telecommunication companies
» Hi-tech companies

Computers with multiple users:
» Schools
» Universities
» Exhibitions
» Education centers
» Libraries
» Computers labs
» Internet cafes
» Business lounges
» Home computers

Providers of first-level support services:
» VARs
» Assemblers
» Integrators
» Support/maintenance organizations
» Internal IT departments

PC USA GuardCard: Key benefits
  • Virtually eliminate business disruptions caused by computer problems.
  • Enhanced computer protection and stability
  • One use provides an instant return on investment.
  • Dramatic decreased operational (TCO) and maintenance costs.
  • Slashes technical support and service call requirements.
  • Instant recovery puts you back in business and focused on your priorities.
  • Quick turnkey solution with no learning curve
  • Tight and routine control on the configuration of the systems
  • Enforces policies
PC USA GuardCard: Key features
  • Guards against accidental deletion or corruption of files, sudden power loss, hacking or tampering, operating system crashes, configurations changes, Windows registry crashes, power failure, Corrupted files, lost CMOS setup data, changing system settings, Trojans, worms and Cookies.
  • Built in driver for most operation system (Win NT, 2000,XP require a supplied driver)
  • A simple reboot of the system reverts to an operational state
  • Protects from formatting including f-disk
  • Plug-and-Play installation, in less than 1 minute
  • Takes virtually no disk space
  • Does not rely on software to function and therefore is not vulnerable to system damage
  • Holds no data on card
  • Instant protection after the installation process
  • Rapid update of protected disk image
  • Auto-Restore Intervals (Every time, daily, weekly, monthly, manually)
  • Exceptionally small, approximately 2" long by 1" wide
  • Invisible to end-user, risk of tampering is negligible
  • Supports all file systems (FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS)
  • Support ATA33/66/100 / SATA disk interface
  • Available in PCI and LAN versions
  • CMOS protection, recovery, and hard disk parameter recovery
  • Can installed anytime by anyone
  • Prevents virus infection and corruption
  • Protects against all software based changes
  • Protects hard drives upto 256 GB (IDE and SCSI interfaces)
  • Support all HDD brands
  • Supports multiple file extensions
  • Automatic recognition of your bootable partition and the moment you go through the installation process the protection begins
  • Supports up to 8 partitions each containing separate software configurations such as different operating systems
  • During start-up, a user may choose a Start-up Partition to boot.
    The user has the option to restore from a saved backup copy of the partition, erasing changes made by the previous user
  • Supports multi-boots and third party multi-boot software
  • Auto/Manual recovery mode selection
  • Administrator password
  • Support IBM 80386 PC and compatible
  • Restores all critical system files along all user preferences, macros and bookmarks
  • FCC/CE approve
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