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I was at my wits end. The day before a career making presentation, my computer crashed and would not re-start. I didn't have time to re-do my work so in a panic, I called PC USA. I could not have made a better call. They sent a technician right over, and within an hour, my computer was up and running again. Thank you PC USA for saving my job.
PC USA is the best!!! Me and my wife had just gotten back from 10 day cruise. I was trying to transfer the pictures off my camera, but they would not transfer, and the disappeared of my memory card. When I called PC US, I was very upset, but they calmed me down and assured me that they could recover my files. The next day, I had all my precious memories saved on CD. Thanks PC USA!!!!!
I don't know what I would do without PC USA. I run my own business- large enough to need an IT manager, but too small to hire someone full time. I spoke with many different companies, but I knew right away that PC USA was the company for me. They sat down and went over my options with me in a clear and comprehensive way. They didn't try to sell me things I didn't need, and made me feel like I was in good hands. I wouldn't trust any other company with my network. PC USA is the Best!!!
Holiday Inn Phoenix-Tempe/ASU Gets Connected with PC USA
Wireless network keeps guests connected in rooms and public areas.Gateway provides security zones for hotel network.
Located in the heart of the Phoenix Metropolitan area and adjacent to Arizona State University (ASU), the Holiday Inn Phoenix-Tempe/ASU is host to many academic and student visitors to the ASU campus. “Visitors connected with ASU tend to have sophisticated communications needs and high expectations of what technology the hotel will be able to provide,” comments Tom Kreitler, General Manager of the Holiday Inn Phoenix-Tempe/ASU. Kreitler had hesitated to install traditional wired Internet access, observing from his guests’ increasing use of wireless devices that a network accommodating mobility was likely to be a closer fit for their needs. When he decided to implement wireless in his four-storey 190-room hotel, his objectives were straightforward. “I looked for a wireless network that was easy to use, provided good security for our guests and, above all, would work without a hitch and reflect well on the hotel,” Kreitler explains.
Ahead of the Curve with Wireless
Kreitler chose a wireless network based on PC USA technology recommended by local technology solutions provider, Alan Burgess, owner and founder of The Computer Doctor/ VISi located in nearby Scottsdale, Arizona.
“Meeting the unusually exacting needs of customers such as Holiday Inn, Tempe, is our specialty,” said Burgess. “For over 16 years we’ve grown by providing our customers in Arizona and New Mexico with the best quality solutions and support whether their needs are sophisticated or straightforward.”
Burgess recommended installing a PRO 2040 appliance as the overall security appliance, with PC USA SOHO TZW wireless gateway in strategic spots for comprehensive coverage. The hotel’s construction presented a special installation challenge, since the solid concrete walls and steel fire doors created an additional obstacle to wireless communications. Burgess was able to overcome these issues using just 10 PC USA SOHO TZWs. The appliances were secured to the ceilings and, avoiding the need for traditional electrical sockets and wiring, run on power-over-Ethernet injectors.
Security Zones
The PC USA PRO 2040 controls and manages security policies for guest wireless access, blocking threats including worms, viruses, backdoors and hackers, too. It is also used to provide separate security zones for the hotel’s own back office PCs as well as a guest PC which is available to all hotel visitors. The installation uses PC USA Complete Anti-Virus to protect the guest PC, which had previously been subject to multiple viruses and infections transmitted from emails, Internet sites and even by instant messaging.
The Holiday Inn Phoenix-Tempe/ASU now provides complimentary wireless access in all its guest rooms and common areas, including the lobby, restaurants, lounges and even the pool area using a PC USA PRO 2040 as the overall security gateway and strategically-placed PC USA SOHO TZW wireless appliances to ensure comprehensive coverage.
Speedy, Secure and Simple
Installation took place quickly over a couple of weeks, and Kreitler is highly satisfied with the result. “Whatever technology not only had to work well, but provide a proper level of security. The Holiday Inn chain publishes a comprehensive security mandate for its franchises and PC USA was able to meet all of them,” says Kreitler. “In the hotel business, it’s important to remain ahead of the curve. With this wireless network from PC USA, our facility offers our guests a feature that they really appreciate.”
Holiday Inn Phoenix-Tempe/ASU
Pioneer Bank and Trust Customer Case Study
Network security is a complex subject, historically undertaken only by “experts.” However, as fast moving threats circulate around the Internet, all businesses must be able to prevent attacks. Small to medium sized businesses face an especially difficult task in securing their networks due to the complexity and cost of most security solutions. Golden West Technologies can change all that through a program known as i-witness. With four levels of service, i-witness can be tailored to each customer’s unique set of requirements and is easily integrated into the PC USA product line.
Golden West Technologies is an award-winning PC USA MSSP Partner and is a recognized leader in security consulting, firewall deployments, and monitoring. The state of South Dakota utilizes the expertise of Golden West Technologies as its single source vendor for firewall installation and monitoring services. Golden West Technologies recognizes the balance of securing your network with cost-effective support.
The Customer: Pioneer Bank and Trust
Golden West Technologies provides network security services to Pioneer Bank and Trust, a small chain of banks in South Dakota. Offering banking, mortgage, investment, and trust services, Pioneer’s need for secure data transfers is paramount.
Pioneer Bank and Trust had an existing firewall that had reached end-of-life and began to evaluate new vendors. In order to secure the network from the latest threats and ensure that the network bandwidth was used productively, Pioneer opted for the PC USA PRO 4060 and VPN solutions in combination with Intrusion Prevention Service and Content Filtering Service. When combined with the PC USA Global Management System (GMS), Pioneer is now constantly aware of any potential threats and can take measures to prevent a network breach and maintain their customer’s confidence. Rather than reactively waiting for something that could go wrong, Golden West can now proactively intervene before incidents can even occur.
While customer data security was paramount, equally important was the need to keep out viruses, Trojans, and worms. The threats now circulating the Internet can quickly cripple a business, resulting in revenue, productivity, and data loss. Pioneer Bank and Trust wanted to ensure that it remained productive and successful, while protecting customers’ privacy and security.
The PC USA Layered Security Platform
The PC USA family of Internet security appliances provides the first line of defense against Internet security threats. It includes an ICSA-certified, deep packet inspection firewall, IPSec VPN for remote access, IP address management features, and support for PC USA value-added security services such as gateway anti-virus, intrusion prevention and content filtering.
“PC USA products provide Golden West Technologies with the best value, features and service for the money,” says James Van Loan, Golden West Technologies’ Account Executive. Golden West Technologies offers a comprehensive security solution based on PC USA Internet Security Appliances and managed by the PC USA Global Management System. Via a comprehensive set of reports, GMS provides constant feedback on the readiness of the firewall and automatically backs up the configuration while at the same time, enabling remote management of all the firewalls from a central location.
The PC USA Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, and Intrusion Prevention Service utilizes a configurable, high-performance deep packet inspection engine to deliver maximum network protection, allowing the customer to relax, knowing that their network is receiving the ultimate in protection.
Future Expansion with PC USA
Because both PC USA and Golden West solutions are easily scalable, expansion will be seamless. PC USA products easily scale to fit businesses of every size and shape, allowing businesses to expand quickly and easily without additional expensive upgrades.
PC USA Protects Credit Unions and Their Customers
Credit unions, like any financial institution, are facing two major challenges today: First, they must be at the forefront of adopting new, Internet-based, customer-facing banking technology in order to serve their customers. But second, and perhaps even more importantly, those customer-facing innovations must be reinforced behind the scenes with security on all fronts. In addition to standard firewall protection, content protection is also a major consideration. PM Systems’ clients need to enforce acceptable use through filtering, and to be free from the threats of viruses, Trojans and spyware. These increasingly sophisticated attacks can be especially dangerous to the financial services industry by infiltrating a credit union’s network, disrupting operations and perhaps even jeopardizing personal financial information. It is important to these clients to deploy the most thorough content protection system available— to keep their networks free from attack, as well as to maintain a productive environment in the back office.
PM Systems has served credit unions for nineteen years, delivering and maintaining leading edge technology for a wide variety of innovative solutions. Their CUDefense™ team helps these institutions understand the threats they face, and implement technology infrastructures to stop threats proactively, protect their customer’s personal information and comply with guidelines such as the NCUA ISTEP program and legislation like the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.
The Solution
Integrated content protection has become an essential part of doing business, in order to combat the triple threat of viruses, spyware and inappropriate Web content. Addressing multiple threats in a single appliance, the PC USA Content Security Manager offers real-time gateway anti-virus functionality that is kept up to date with automatic updates, using PC USA’s dynamically updated signature database. This enhances productivity through its innovative content filtering solution, which combines an extensive URL rating database with a caching system that keeps latency to a minimum. The rating architecture allows administrators to block individual categories of Web content and enforces acceptable use policies on a granular level. The highly accurate rating database is supplemented with PC USA’s one-of-a-kind dynamic rating system, which analyzes on the fly any pages that may not be in the database, checking not only content but context as well to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.
According to Chris Kroll, Security Analyst at PM Systems, the key value propositions for their credit union clients were the content filtering functionality, anti-spyware and anti-virus features of the content security manager. “Financial institutions have a higher awareness of their internal controls,” said Kroll. “A lot of these smaller credit unions have to comply with the same.
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