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A better Outlook on mobile messaging
Get improved e-mail messaging with Outlook Mobile and Microsoft Exchange Server. With a recognizable set of Outlook tools, including Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts, you'll always have the information you need at your fingertips.
Receive e-mail in real time
Direct Push technology, available with Exchange Server 2003 SP 2 and the Messaging and Security Feature Pack, offers your team near instant e-mail delivery with almost no latency. Even if they're out of the office, they can stay connected and be more responsive.
Check your e-mail anytime

Your e-mail, Calendar, and Contacts are now with you wherever and whenever you head out with Outlook Mobile.

Pocket MSN keeps you connected

Get single sign-on access to your favorite MSN features, including MSN Messenger, Hotmail, and popular MSN Web sites.

Browse the Web with Internet Explorer Mobile

Even when you're on the go, you can keep up to date with the latest business information on the Web.

Create Word documents

Create and edit word documents while away from your desk. Use Word Mobile to stay productive.

Data analysis on the go

Create, view, and edit spreadsheets, even when you're out of the office. You can even use the new Chart Wizard to view and create Excel charts on the go.

Practice PowerPoint presentations

Practice and view your slides with PowerPoint Mobile while you're on the road.



Microsoft Windows Mobile powered devices help you access the business information you need even when you are away from your desk. With over 40 form factors, the Windows Mobile platform ensures that there's a device type uniquely suited for your organization, your team, and your role. In addition to Microsoft Outlook Mobile and familiar Microsoft Office Mobile software, innovations in Windows Mobile 5.0 include applications such as Voice over IP, persistent storage, on-device password enforcement, and remote wipe.

The Windows Mobile platform is an open platform that supports needs beyond mobile messaging. It's based on Microsoft .NET, giving developers freedom to innovate. Over 18,000 Windows Mobile applications are available from third-party developers.

The Windows Mobile platform also offers choice in mobile operators, networking and synchronization technologies, and cost.

The following are the top six reasons that enterprises choose Windows Mobile:
Return on investment

A study of six companies who had implemented Windows Mobile solutions found that the companies had paid back the cost of implementation in 4.3 months. The three-year return on investment (ROI) of implementing the solution was 300%. The companies ranged from 2,500 to 30,000 and used Pocket PCs or Smartphones. The study found that workers added 36 hours of productivity annually after companies deployed a mobile solution.

Lower IT costs

Server powered management tools allowed IT staff to centralize control and reduce the time they spent supporting mobile devices and applications.
Businesses using Windows Mobile solutions reported an average monthly time savings of 405 hours for their IT staff.

Increases productivity

Mobility changes the way that work gets done. A Windows Mobile powered device can improve the productivity of your mobile workforce by automating paper powered workflows. Instead of asking your field personnel to write up orders, return to the office, and enter the orders into the computer, costing time and risking data loss, why not have your personnel enter the data and route it automatically to your central database?

Sales force personnel can respond more efficiently to customer questions about inventory, product information, and price changes. Field service professionals became more efficient in scheduling, dispatching, and arriving on time with the correct part. This increased productivity improves your revenue streams.

Reduces server costs

Mobile e-mail support for Exchange Server 2003 out of the box makes using Windows Mobile powered devices a cost-effective solution for your business. You won't need to purchase extra servers, client software, or additional licenses to deploy a mobile solution. Using existing computers running Exchange Server for your mobile messaging eliminates the need for mobile operators to pay an ongoing network operations center (NOC) fee.

Reduces errors

Paper is a slow and inaccurate tool for collecting data. If your company is using paper processes, and verbal conversations to manage your revenue streams, you could be wasting money and time. Many enterprises that have converted a paper powered process to an electronic form powered application on a mobile device have seen data collection times reduced in the field, more accurate data flowing to central enterprise servers, and faster business reporting. Automating data capture in this way helps reduce the overall time it takes to provide customer services. This time savings enables more business transactions at the same staffing levels while improving overall customer satisfaction. Jack Gold, a Meta Group analyst, estimates that double key error rates mistakes that are made when data entry personnel process paper forms, can be as high as 15 to 20%

Reduces mobile operator costs

Another cost savings for your business? The new GZIP data compression available in Windows Mobile 5.0 powered devices reduces mobile operator network use by optimizing the size and time-to-sync of Exchange Server data delivered to your device.

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With Windows Mobile powered devices, businesses can quickly increase productivity and reduce training time by extending familiar applications such as Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to their mobile devices.

Pocket PCs and Smartphones provide the familiarity, flexibility, and security that enterprises are looking for in a mobile device platform.

Outlook Mobile

The most important business application today is e-mail. Without the connections that e-mail provides, your mobile workforce may find themselves out of touch with customers and the home office. When your mobile workers have e-mail access no matter where they are, they can respond quickly to critical business needs.

They'll also appreciate access to their calendars and tasks while they're away. With the Messaging and Security Feature Pack, due out in early 2006, they'll also be able to check their co-workers schedules and send meeting requests.

Office Mobile

Office Mobile has all the features that your workers need to stay productive away from the office, and they have the familiar look and feel of their desktop programs.

Word Mobile allows you to view and edit documents created in Microsoft Word and synchronize them with your desktop computer or send them as e-mail attachments. The enhanced formatting support in Windows Mobile 5.0 improves document legibility and composition.

The new PowerPoint Mobile, available in Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs, allows your staff to view their PowerPoint presentations while they're traveling.

Excel Mobile has been updated in Windows Mobile 5.0. You can now create charts from your mobile spreadsheets while away from the office.

Internet Explorer Mobile
Internet Explorer Mobile Improvements include the following:
•  Full-screen viewing
•  Progress bar to gauge download progress
•  Icon indicating access to secure pages
•  More scripting support enables more viewable sites
•  Support for synchronizing Mobile Favorites

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Windows Mobile platform, together with leading business applications, enable organizations to extend real-time business information access to their mobile workforce by developing and deploying mobile powered solutions.

Windows Mobile is a scaleable and standards powered mobile platform with a rich ecosystem of partners offering applications developed for Windows Mobile powered devices. The wide range of business applications available, both from leading independent software vendors (ISVs) as well as custom solutions, built with .NET and designed for the Windows Mobile platform, make it faster to develop, deploy, and manage applications that meet your organization's business requirements. You can choose from thousands of Certified Partners in your geographic region with proven competency in deploying mobile solutions.

Leading companies like Accenture, Cap Gemini, EDS, and HP all write custom business applications for the Windows Mobile platform, providing a range of business solutions for Windows Mobile powered devices today.

Our partners have developed line of business applications across a broad range of industries:
•  Banking: CRM, stocks/bonds/security information, stock quotes, mutual fund software, earnings projection software
•  Education: Student information systems
•  Healthcare: Web powered ordering, clinical test results, bar code scan asset retrieval, process work in field, patient data/clinical/home health systems for doctors/nurses/managers, contracts, reference documents
•  Healthcare Provider: Lab test ordering and results, medication/diagnosis reference, process lab tests, supply management, access to patient data
•  Insurance: Expense tracking, expense reporting, financial trading
•  Manufacturing: Service reports, inventory control, shipping/receiving, digital imaging, order system, risk management
•  Real Estate: Trouble-ticket management for calls in a building, construction scheduling, spreadsheets for quotes/policy data, travel and financial
•  Retail: Inventory management/materials handling, enterprise resource planning (ERP), card scan services, AvantGo, automated services/delivery, customer look-up, order entry/verification, category management surveys, profitability monitoring/calculators, in-store merchandise locators
•  Utilities: Tracking pipelines/digs, GIS mapping, commodities pricing, voltage readings, power plant/transmission tower inspection

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The Windows Mobile platform has more built-in security functionality and more third-party security expandability than any other mobile device in the industry today. The security technology available mirrors the security categories on the desktop PC, using passwords, authentication, encryption, application lockdown, virtual private networks (VPN), public key infrastructure (PKI), personal firewalls, and antivirus protection.

With the release of Exchange Server 2003 SP2 and the Messaging and Security Feature Pack from Windows Mobile, your business data will have more protection.

Building on Exchange 2003 capabilities, your IT Administration will be able to remotely manage and enforce select corporate IT policies over the air by using the Exchange server console. You can also remotely erase data from lost or stolen devices.

The new management features include the ability to:
•  Separate IT policies into mandatory or recommended.
•  Exempt some users from a policy.
•  Check whether an issued device has the latest policy settings, and require the device to download the new policy and settings.
•  Block noncompliant devices from syncing with Exchange ActiveSync.
•  Set policies to lock the device after a certain period of inactivity.

Remote reset of device data helps protect your business information. An unauthorized user might try to log on to your lost or stolen device, but it's protected against that too.

•  Remote erase is activated when device attempts to sync with the network.
•  Once the Admin sends remote erase order to the specific device, the server sends the order to the device. When the device is synced, the order is carried out.
•  Remote reset is administered through a Web site or delegated to a helpdesk.
•  The device is locked and data stored on the internal memory is erased after five incorrect password tries.
•  The device is still available for emergency calls.

With improvements to the device password management, administrators can:
•  Set the strength and length of the password for the device.
•  Set device inactivity time before the user needs to enter password again.
•  Require certificate authentication to Exchange Server.

Certificate powered authentication
•  Increases security by providing certificate powered authentication to the server.
•  Available using PKI software certificates with Exchange Server.

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To facilitate development of XML powered Web applications or services, ASP.NET mobile controls (formerly known as the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit) allow developers to create a master Web page, which can be maintained on a Web server as a form that automatically adjusts to match the screen size and technology of a large number of mobile devices.

These server-side controls that intelligently render content for different devices enable Web powered mobile applications to be deployed faster and support a broad range of devices with no incremental development required for each specific device.

Competitive advantage

You want to get the best value for your organization when you deploy a mobile messaging solution. Windows Mobile offers the following capabilities to improve your competitive advantage:

•  No incremental server license costs to use Exchange ActiveSync over the air or cradled
•  Easy to manage and consolidate computers running Exchange Server
•  High number of users for each computer running Exchange Server reduces initial output and ongoing management costs
•  Familiar development environment—use Visual Studio to build applications for desktop PCs, servers, and Windows Mobile powered devices
•  Can use .NET investments
•  Code reuse—compile for Windows desktop, Web, and Windows Mobile all at the same time
•  Rich development/partner ecosystem
•  Richer devices: more memory, faster processors
•  Connectivity options—wireless LAN, mobile operator
•  Wide-range of device prices and form factors: phones, PDAs, converged devices
•  Range of data plans available from mobile operators—unlimited, pay as you go
•  Can run applications over Wi-Fi
•  Broad range of connectivity options
•  Broad range of hardware and storage—SD, SDIO, CF, PCMCIA
•  Broad range of data plans
•  Outlook Mobile provides familiar, instinctive user interface—little or no end-user training
•  Integrated voice recording to reply in e-mail messages
•  E-mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks always up to date
•  Real-time Global Address List lookup

Whether you're using a Windows Mobile device for your work or your life, you can improve your productivity, respond quickly to your customers, enjoy music, and stay connected no matter where you are.

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